The Dome Theater

Don't miss the thrill of seeing a movie in the Dome Theater. Oklahoma’s first large-format, dome-screen theater surrounds the audience and ensnares the senses. You just might feel like you are in the movie!


Cool Stuff

The Dome Theater uses a state-of-the-art, 36,000 watt, digital sound system that provides heart-pounding sound.

Did You Know?

The Dome screen is 70 feet in diameter! The theater uses IWerks Entertainment’s 15/70 projection system – the largest, most technologically advanced system in the world!

Tickets and showtimes

Museum Exhibits + Dome Theater

  • ADULT (13-64)  $17.95
  • SENIOR (65+)   $14.95
  • CHILD (3-12)    $14.95

Dome Theater Only

  • ADULT (13-64)  $8.95
  • SENIOR (65+)   $6.95
  • CHILD (3-12)    $6.95


Journey To Space:10am/12pm/2pm/4pm
Chimps: 11am/1pm/3pm


Journey To Space: 10am/12pm/2pm/4pm
Chimps: 11am/1pm/3pm/5pm


Journey To Space: 12pm/2pm/4pm
Chimps: 1pm/3pm/5pm
Now showing

Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees

This film is a giant screen journey into the hearts, minds and world of wild chimpanzees with the world's most famous field researcher, Dr. Jane Goodall. The film chronicles Dr. Goodall's more than 40 years of legendary work among the chimps at Gombe Park on Lake Tanganyka in Africa. Viewers will be led by Dr. Goodall, as well as the new generation of young researchers, into the daily lives of the now famous Gombe chimp families; Fifi and sons Freud and the turbulent alpha male Frodo, along with Gremlin, Gaia and the endearing Galahad.

Now showing

Journey To Space

Journey To Space showcases the exciting plans NASA and the space community are working on and the challenges they must overcome to carry out missions, once considered science fiction, and now science fact, such as landing astronauts on Mars. Through brilliant narration by film and television legend Sir Patrick Stewart and extensive interviews with NASA astronauts Chris Ferguson and Serena Aunon, the film captures the spirit of human exploration and describes how it is at the core of our own DNA.