Discover how science affects your everyday life on the Science Floor! From optics and resonance to balance control, magnetism and airplane wings, every object you use functions because of science. Take a spin on a computer-controlled, gyro-balanced, giant joystick on wheels on the Segway Course. Explore the science of the gyros that allow a Segway to balance you at Bicycle Wheel Gyro exhibit. Understand how bridges are constructed by building your own Catenary Arch and learn you can easily move a 400-pound weight with little effort with Resonant Pendulum. What is bigger than a city bus and taller than a two story house with a head that spans 3 feet with dozens of seven-and-a-half-inch-long teeth? Don’t worry; our Camarasaurus is an herbivore. It won’t nibble on you as you sleep.

Cool stuff

Our Segway Course is the first of its kind at a museum! Can you steer with one hand? How fast can you go around? Can you open the gate without losing your balance?


What you'll learn

The Science Floor allows you to get hands-on with exhibits that demonstrate the basic principles of physics and how these principles are used in our everyday lives.
Many things in life oscillate, vibrate, move or change on a regular cycle. Learn how you can use those natural resonances in nature to amplify your work. It’s how a child instinctively makes a swing go higher and higher. A little bit of effort applied at the right instant over a span of time can move the most massive of objects.
A magnifying glass focuses light. But how do you focus heat? Discover that heat is really a form of light that your eyes can’t see. But you can feel the heat focused to a hotspot.
How big is the universe we live in? From the smallest subatomic structures to the largest clusters of galaxies, our physical reality contains a mind-blowing range of size scales. Learn how big and how small things can be in the historically important film Powers of Ten. Starting from your hand, zoom out to the edge of the universe and then back to the nucleus of an atom in your skin. You’ll never look at the universe in the same way again.


Did you know?

The Science Floor is 9,600 square feet with over 100 exhibits!