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Tonight's Sky - Planetarium

Whats that bright star over there? Or is that a planet? Wheres the North Star? Locate and identify ancient constellations, planets, deep-sky objects and more!


GadgetTrees 3-Story Archimedes' Slide

That's right! GadgetTrees features a 24 foot slide (The tallest spiral slide in the world!), Newton's Clubhouse, the oldest Oak Tree this side of the Mississippi, and numerous simple machines that make our day-to-day lives easier.

On your next visit to Science Museum Oklahoma make sure GadgetTrees is on the very top of your list.

Family & kid Space

Get your wheels turning


Aviation and Space

From aircraft created by the earliest aviation pioneers to the spacecraft used by NASA today, life-sized artifacts will send you to a whole new galaxy.

The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame

Located inside Science Museum Oklahoma, the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame features collections of medals, apparatus and awards, various pieces of sculptures, and an extensive library from the past to the present.