Frequently Asked Questions

What is Science Matters?

Science Matters is a traveling exhibit vehicle that presents powerful learning experiences similar to those of museum-based exhibits, providing discovery learning in areas of the state where museum facilities do not exist. The exhibit vehicle will create a highly immersive environment, transporting students into a new multi-sensory learning atmosphere that will encourage participation and investigation. Filled with hands-on experiments, Science Matters will engage students as they measure, investigate, create and deduce, allowing them to experience true discovery learning.

How can I get Science Matters to my school?

The Science Matters Mobile Museum will visit specific regions of the State in a pre-planned route each week, with specific emphasis on rural, outlying schools. Please e-mail if you are interested in getting your school on our list. This does not guarantee a visit, but does let us know that you are interested and would like to be contacted if we are coming to your area. You will also be notified of special Oklahoma Museum Network activities such as teacher workshops and special events. If you have requested a visit and your school is selected or if your school is already in our pre-planned route, you will be contacted to determine an appropriate day and time for the visit.

What costs are involved?

Thanks to the generous support of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, most of the cost of the visit is underwritten, leaving the school a very minimal amount to pay. This amount is determined by school size, location, and financial need. Some schools will qualify for a free visit. Exact amounts will be discussed with each school.

What age/grade is most appropriate for Science Matters?

The exhibits on Science Matters have been designed to correlate to the 5th grade Oklahoma PASS standards. Pre- and post-visit classroom activities have been written for the 5th-grade level. Therefore, we ask that schools limit the experience for 5th grade only.

Does the exhibit come to the classroom, or is it literally "on wheels"?

Science Matters is a fully immersive exhibit contained within a 40-foot truck that literally pulls into your parking lot. Upon entering the vehicle, students are transported into an amazing science experience that allows them to play, investigate and experiment. Arrangements will be made ahead of time to identify appropriate parking at or near your school.

How long is the Science Matters experience?

Science Matters will take students approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the on-board exhibits. Pre-trip and post-trip activities for the classroom will available for download on our website.

How many students at one time engage in the experience?

Optimally, 25 students can engage in the experience at one time.

How long can the truck stay at my school?

The Science Matters visit will be tailored for your school size to ensure that the 5th grade students have the proper time and opportunity to experience the exhibit. This could be anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

What is the maximum number of students that can visit the truck in one day?

With the optimum number of 25 students per session, we can accommodate up to 5 classes per day. That provides an opportunity for up to 125 students per day!

Can the Oklahoma Museum Network help with teacher professional development at my school?

Yes! Teacher workshops with a focus on inquiry can be arranged for all of your teachers, no matter what grade level they teach. Please contact for details and additional pricing information. Arrangements can also be made for workshops to coincide with the Science Matters Mobile Museum visits.