Take a look at our fascination with the Red Planet and how our exploration of Mars has evolved with the Kirkpatrick Planetarium team. 

Create art inspired by cosmic clouds with one special tool from your kitchen!

Create your own homemade “gravitational lens” with light refraction.

With a few simple supplies and some imagination, make your own night sky of stars and create some new constellations!

See how craters are made and how rocks from deep with the Earth get moved to the surface when a crater is made!

Make some slime that's out of this world!

Get an outside look at the immense universe using just a balloon!

Simulate the way rocks can be studied chemically to find out what they are made of when you make fizzing “moon” rocks!

A rocket with serious launching power fueled by nothing more than water and dish soap? Yep, that'll work!

You've seen a vinegar and baking soda volcano, sure. But what about a rocket? Check out how you can launch a rocket with fuel from your kitchen in this #SMOatHome.

Modify a bike pump to create a vacuum pump to do cool space experiments for Space Day!

Get out of this world with moon sand!