Photo of a paper notebook bound with red ribbon, a box of markers, red ribbon, a hole punch, and a pair of scissors.

Try This: Make a Weather Journal


Try This: Make a Weather Journal

Weather Journal

Weather journals are important to scientists, especially meteorologists who study weather patterns. Among the most important tasks of being a scientist is observation and data collection. Meteorologists use data that is collected over time to help make predictions of what future weather patterns will be.

Let’s make a weather journal!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Some construction paper, or other paper — you'll want five pieces of the same color and one piece of a different color for the cover. 
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Ribbon or string
  • A hole punch or something to make a hole with


Here’s what to do

1. Cut the construction paper in half.

2. Line up the paper and punch three holes along one side. If you can’t punch the holes all at the same time, you can line up your papers and use a marker to make dots where the holes need to be. Then punch your holes.

3. Run the ribbon or string through the holes and tie them snugly. Be careful not to tie too tight or you won't be able to open your journal!

4. Decorate and label your journal!

Observe the weather for 14 days. Record your observations. At the end of the two weeks, make a bar graph to organize the data you have collected. Can you make a prediction about the next week’s weather by looking at patterns in your data?

  • Photo of the supplies needed to make a weather journal.
  • Photo of a piece of paper folded in half.
  • Photo of a piece of paper folded like an accordian.
  • Photo of someone punching holes in the folded booklet of paper.
  • Photo of someone cutting a length of red ribbon.
  • Photo of three lengths of red ribbon.
  • Photo of red ribbon tied into the holes punched into the paper. This creates a book of paper.