science camp at science museum oklahoma

Spring Break Camps

School's out, but the learning doesn't stop! Science Museum Oklahoma offers fantastic all-day camp sessions for Oklahoma City metro families during spring break.

2018 Spring Break Science Camps - SOLD OUT

Registration for SMO’s 2018 spring break camps is now closed. All camps are sold out. Registration is now open for SMO summer camps — see the dates here.

  • Early Explorers (Pre-K to kindergarten) are required to bring a snack for each day of camp and Explorers and Innovators (Grades 1-6) are required to bring a lunch and a snack for each day of camp.
  • Camp registration closes March 12 or when full. Camps are limited to 15 students per session and are listed as "Closed - Full" when sold out and "Limited space available" when less than five spaces remain.


Early Explorers: Earth, Wind & Fire
Registration: Closed - Full
Pre-K and Kindergarten, 9 a.m. to noon, March 19-23
$100 per camper for members, $125 for nonmembers

Springtime in Oklahoma means big changes. Disco may be a thing of the past, but the science of spring is just getting started. What’s the difference between dirt and soil? Let’s plant some seeds to find out! We’ll visit the garden and explore what’s living under the rocks, catch a breeze with rotocopters and harness the power of the wind. Can we prevent forest fires? Let’s discover the basics of fire safety together!

Explorers: GO!
Registration: Closed - Full
Grades 1-3, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 19-23
$225 per camper for members, $250 for nonmembers

Everything in the universe has an effect on every other thing. Forces will be at work this week as we explore what makes the good stuff GO! Dissect a bicycle, build catapults, cardboard planes and zip lines, tour the Pullman parlor car and get an inside look at the Rolling Thunder Book Bus. We’ll keep things moving this week and get going with physics and engineering!

Innovators: Build & Destroy
Registration: Closed - Full
Grades 4-6, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., March 19-23
$225 per camper for members, $250 for nonmembers

Constructing cool contraptions is the name of the game this week. Automata, zoetrope, trebuchet, and Rube Goldberg machines are just some of the weird things we’ll build. To make room for the new, we’ll have to destroy the old! Deconstructing electronics, wrecking balls to destroy a cardboard metropolis, and possibly an implosion or two – get ready to spring break and build things with us!