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CurioCity at Science Museum Oklahoma


Science.  In ways you never expected.

If you're looking for fun activities for kids in Oklahoma City, you can stop your search right here.
CurioCity, pronounced "curiosity," is a 20,000-square-foot village featuring eight whimsical
neighborhoods where familiar meets the fanciful as children get a taste of the wonderful world of
science. Each neighborhood has its own personality that allows you the opportunity to explore a
scientific concept utilizing interactive devices and unusual settings to encourage learning through play.

CurioCity's Neighborhoods

BrainiAct is a kid-size theater where young imaginations can explore the concepts of storytelling and creativity by using costumes, puppets, lights and sound. Children will learn to collaborate with others to create productions to develop social skills and teamwork.

Pi Shop is a whimsical world where young visitors can explore simple patterns, shape classifications and sequences. This incredible geometric space even features a giant walk-in kaleidoscope.

Tinker Works is the neighborhood garage where children can participate in creative thinking explorations while engaging in the engineering design process. They will test, investigate, play and share while bringing their creations to life!

Odd-A-See Tower is a spectacular two-story climber where young visitors can conquer their fears and master new skills. In this imaginative, adventurous playground, children have the opportunity to discover processes of perception, senses, wayfinding and risk taking.

Wunderground is a marvelous cave-like environment where families can explore, problem solve and navigate obstacles. With a dinosaur dig and hundreds of square feet of water play, children can discover elements of motion, movement, investigation and observation.

Spark Park is a complete physics circus! Families can test their balance, experience motion, friction and distribution of mass. Exploring cause and effect as well as action and reaction, they can work together on activities like the human-powered carousel.

Hands & Feats is a carnival-like atmosphere where children can explore health and wellness to gain a better understanding of ways their bodies move and develop over time.

Riffs & Rhythms is the neighborhood music studio where budding musicians can try their hand at various instruments created out of repurposed materials. This neighborhood explores the processes of sound, pitch and rhythm. Collaboration is the key to creating a really rocking band!




CurioCity features a private nursing room with rocking chairs and changing tables. 
Addional changing tables, including an adult changing table, is located in the restroom in CurioCity.