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Science Museum Oklahoma is home to over 390,000 square feet of hands-on science experiences, art, and history!

Science Floor at Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Floor

The Science Floor is the heart of the museum, with hundreds of activities to teach, entertain and astound our guests. Learn to drive on two wheels in the Segway Park, effortlessly move a 400-pound weight with the Resonant Pendulum, and much more! The Science Floor is all things science. Experience all the activities during your visit, and the chances of having a scientist in the family may increase dramatically!

Tinkering Garage at Science Museum Oklahoma

Tinkering Garage

In the Tinkering Garage, explore how engineering, art and technology collide. This exhibit puts the “fun” in science fundamentals. See where your creativity takes you as you design, create, invent and experiment in this all-ages, hands-on workshop. Activities in the Tinkering Garage change monthly — the only limit is your imagination!


World-renowned artist and inventor Tom Shannon’s only permanent installation in the United States, Finity, is an awe-inspiring, interactive sculpture featuring five spinning polyhedrons stands 25 feet tall and is the focal point of the museum’s outdoor gathering space called Founder’s Plaza. The sculpture was commissioned by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund to honor the legacy of the museum’s founder John Kirkpatrick. Each shape is constructed of mirrored stainless steel, reflecting the Oklahoma skies as museum visitors push and pull the bottom pyramid. Make sure to stop and give it a spin on your next visit! 



Get lost in this bustling, 20,000-square-foot city! Pronounced like "curiosity," in CurioCity's eight whimsical neighborhoods children are exposed to science through a number of interactive activities that encourage learning through play. Whether it’s storytelling, navigating obstacles, playing instruments or balancing a tightrope, there are plenty of ways to explore. Enjoy your stay in CurioCity!

Science Museum Oklahoma - Kirkpatrick Planetarium

Kirkpatrick Planetarium

Visit the newly-upgraded Kirkpatrick Planetarium at Science Museum Oklahoma! With multiple live shows  and full-dome movies daily, visitors to the Kirkpatrick Planetarium can spend the day exploring the cosmos. Shows are included with your admission! Always wanted to know more about Jupiter? Ever wondered how stars are born? Our astronomy experts are on hand to be your guide and answer all of your questions! Check out this week's shows and showtimes, and please note that the planetarium is closed for routine maintenance the first Monday of each month.

smART Space

Art and science each provide a way for exploring and deepening our understanding of the world around us. Innovative and creative, artists and scientists have inspired each other for millennia. Explore that interaction through smART Space! smART Space is located on the museum's second floor and overlooks the atrium. The gallery is committed to bringing Oklahomans a combination of art and science that isn't found anywhere else. Take an extra look — you never know what you might find.

Currently on Exhibit:

Currents: Turning the Tide on Ocean Conservation

Light Minded at Science Museum Oklahoma

Light Minded

Step into the dark and explore the science of light! In Light Minded, experience the shocking beauty of the plasma tube, freeze time with the Shadow Stopper, marvel at the power of the Tesla Coil, see how strobe lights play on piano strings, snap your shadow in three colors, see your body's heat patterns in living color with an infrared camera, and much more. This brilliant gallery will leave you enlightened!

Destination Space at Science Museum Oklahoma

Destination Space

What's the only state that can claim astronaut participation in every phase of NASA’s space program? It's Oklahoma! Explore Destination Space for an introduction to all things space. Train like the professionals do in the Mercury Capsule Simulator, see dozens of space artifacts, learn about the history of the Apollo program and Oklahoma's connections to the lunar landing, see real rocket engines, and much more. 

KidSpace at Science Museum Oklahoma


Designed for little hands and fresh minds, Kid Space proves that there is no such thing as being too young for science! Your little scientist can experiment at our water table, explore SMO's fire station, climb aboard a tractor, paint their face, and more in a safe and secure environment. Touch, play, learn and explore at stations and exhibits specifically targeted to engaging young minds.

The Gardens

The Gardens at Science Museum Oklahoma are made up of native and Oklahoma-proven plants and include numerous gardens, an aquaculture and permaculture demonstrations, a hobby greenhouse, lawn games and garden-specific programming throughout the year like SMO's "What's Growing On" program. Learn more about our gardens >>

Aviation at Science Museum Oklahoma

Aviation Gallery

Fly through the evolution of aviation, from Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings to modern aircraft in this exhibit. Explore the history and artifacts of famed Oklahoma aviator Wiley Post as you view one of the nation’s premier collections of vintage aircraft. These life-sized artifacts will send your imagination soaring as you get up close and personal with 1946 Stinson Voyager and a mint condition Mong Sport, designed by Tulsa’s own Ralph Mong in the 1950s.

Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame at Science Museum Oklahoma

Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame

The Oklahoma Aviation and Space Hall of Fame recognizes pilots, inventors, scientists, researchers, managers, engineers, and military personnel throughout public and private sectors who have contributed to the exploration of the skies, the advancement of aviation and space science, the development of the aerospace industry, or the use of air power in the defense of their country. Located in the Aviation Wing, this exhibition features dozens of fascinating artifacts and biographies of the more than 170 inductees.

GadgetTrees at Science Museum Oklahoma


Wood you like to know a secret? You see a giant two-story tree house, a massive spiral slide, pulleys and other backyard staples — we see simple machines at work during play! Simple machines affect your life on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not. Hop on Bernoulli's Bicycle for a ride, make clouds shimmer with air cannons, see how high you can make a ball fly with force and air, and more — it's a learning experience you'll never forget.

Tiny Tracks

Step back in history to a time when the world rode the rails in Tiny Tracks. This exhibit features an M.G. Pinky Martin model train snaking through 1,000 square feet of town and countryside, a collection of railway artifacts, and the museum's fully-restored 1929 Pullman Parlor Car. Peer through the windows for a glimpse of how people traveled in style during the 20th century!

Eye On the Sky

Learn about Oklahoma's extreme weather, step into a tornado simulator, try your hand at being a weather forecaster in the Select a Sky weather studio, make cloud rings and fog, and beyond! Eye on the Sky will take you on a journey through the atmosphere.

Big Game Theory

In Big Game Theory, explore large-scale versions of classic board games of strategy like chess and checkers, design patterns and play with light on SMO's oversized light peg board, play with potential energy as you line up dominoes, explore engineering with giant stacking and tumbling blocks, get hands-on with physics as you build an enormous catenary arch, and more. Big Game Theory is located on the museum's second floor.


Look into the deep sea — what do you see? The museum's Oceanarium has more than 50 unique kinds of ocean life — you'll get an up-close look at the world under the sea from coral to clownfish, sea urchins to anemones, starfish to sea snails and beyond — all without the need for SCUBA gear. Oceanarium caretakers are available for your questions and if you time your visit just right, you might get to see a feeding!

PowerPlay at Science Museum Oklahoma

Power Play

Test your speed, strength, stamina, balance, and reaction time as you explore the science of sport, human physiology, and the power of the human body! Power Play features several interactive elements and physical challenges including a rock wall, a two-person, 50-foot dash course, a tug of war and climbing wall, a vertical jump and more.


Energy Quest

Energy Quest takes you across time to learn how many of the products we use today began their journey millions of years ago. You'll climb through a cave of fluorescing rocks, examine core samples through a microscope, create your own landscape with an augmented reality sandbox and watch the Earth's transformation over time on an interactive globe.

Mighty Mouth at Science Museum Oklahoma

Mighty Mouth

Learn all about your teeth and dental health in this Mighty Mouth! The hands-on experiences in these giant jaws explore the science of — and importance of — taking care of your 32 teeth. 

Elemental Worlds at Science Museum Oklahoma

Elemental Worlds

Head to smART Space and step inside Elemental Worlds and explore your creative side! In this multimedia interactive art installation you'll use digital drawing tools to decorate and color one of 12 animals that will come to life in the 220-degree simulated digital forest — escape into creativity and relax with binaural frequencies, dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, and the sounds of nature. The world resets every 15 minutes, but you can jump in at any time.

Follow the Monarchs display at Science Museum Oklahoma

Follow the Monarchs

Over a thousand paper monarch butterflies adorned with kids’ drawings and messages have migrated to Science Museum Oklahoma to roost on the Champion Tree in GadgetTrees! Collectively, these butterflies make up a traveling art exhibit called “Follow the Monarchs” coordinated by The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma and local artist Christie Hackler. Stop by the area to learn more about monarch butterflies and what you can do to help in the conservation efforts for these endangered pollinators!