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Science Overnights


Science Museum Oklahoma takes a night at the museum to a whole new level with Science Overnights! Begin the evening with a live science show, engage in special hands-on activities, experience the Kirkpatrick Planetarium and camp out among the exhibits. SMO's Science Overnight themes and activities that are sure to educate, inspire, and delight your group!

Science Overnights are currently only available for Scouts and private groups.

Private Science Overnights at Science Museum Oklahoma

Get a group together and schedule your very own night at the museum! You choose the theme, SMO does the rest. A private Science Overnight at SMO requires a minimum of 100 participants and is the perfect outing for schools, youth groups and beyond.

SMO's Science Overnights include themed activities designed by museum educators, access to the museum's permanent exhibits, Kirkpatrick Planetarium and Science Live shows, and a light breakfast on Saturday morning.

Private Science Overnight Themes

Galaxy Far, Far Away

Grab your laser sword and jump to hyperspace as you head to a galaxy far, far away! Join SMO as we go deep into the science of and explore the forces of both Isaac Newton and Yoda! May the Force be with you!

Sample Activities:

  • Cryogenics: The effects of extreme cold on organic materials
  • Robotics challenge
  • Build a miniature laser sword
  • Mini land speeder engineering challenges
  • Parachutes and gliders
  • Use the force - of static!
  • Giant hovercraft rides
Wizard Science 101

Your letter has arrived by owl and it’s time to learn to be a wizard! Join us at Science Museum Oklahoma as we explore the science of magic — we will concoct our own potions, play wizard sports, work on our care of almost magical creatures class, and much more. Be sure to use your wands wisely – you don’t want to end up in detention!

Sample Activities:

  • Spell programming
  • Magic messages - disappearing/invisible ink
  • Care of Almost-Magical-Creatures
  • Levitation science
  • Frozen wizard drinks
  • Wizard Sportsball
Grossology Biology

Grossology, the science of really gross things — we combine solid science with disgusting fun! This icky, sticky hands-on experience teaches us how much snot our body makes a day, how diapers do what they doo, what you're made of, and how you perceive things!

Sample Activities:

  • Blood typing
  • Poop on a stick
  • Edible insect treats
  • Human physiology experiments
  • Make your own snot
  • Science of diaper goo

Channel your inner mad scientist with mind-blowing chemical reactions and partake in wild experiments that are hot, cold, colorful, and explosive! Learn about the composition of our world, and how some simple changes can have big consequences. This night is sure to be a BLAST!

Sample Activities:

  • Liquid nitrogen experiments
  • Pennies to gold
  • Bleeding paper
  • Volcanoes
  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Dust of doom
  • Non-Newtonian fluids like slime and oobleck
Evening with Einstein or A Night with Newton - Physics

Ready to dodge frostbite with a non-Newtonian fluid and discover the Leidenfrost effect? Can YOU survive 300,000 volts of electricity? Attempt the mastery of simple machines, rockets and bubbles as your group has a shockingly good time exploring the world of physics!

Sample Activities:

  • Parachutes and gliders - the physics of flying and falling
  • Van De Graff Generator - static electricity
  • Dry ice and liquid nitrogen demos
  • Science of non-Newtonian fluids - oobleck
  • Reaction rockets
  • Circuit science - build a flashlight, circuit blocks, etc.
Crime Scene Investigation, a Night of Forensic Fun!

Oh no! A crime has been committed and we need your help to solve it! We'll lift fingerprints, extract DNA, interrogate suspects, and much more. The science of solving crimes awaits you. Pack your magnifying glass and your badge, because we have a case to crack!

Sample Activities:

  • Lifting and identifying fingerprints
  • Impressions analysis
  • DNA extraction
  • Blood type analysis
  • Coding and decoding secret messages
  • Eyewitness testimony
Survival Skills

Do you have what it takes to survive in a world full of science fiction and fantasy? Brush up on your archery skills and learn the art of survival. Learn to camouflage yourself in order to trick those who might be hunting you (or those you may be hunting). May the odds be ever in your favor as you help bring peace back to this fragmented world of tomorrow!

Sample Activities:

  • Bow making
  • Camouflage - science of disguise and concealment
  • Knots, traps, and survival strap bracelets
  • Water filtration
  • Animal encounters
  • Survival pack and compass challenge course
  • Disorientation challenge

For more information about booking a private Science Overnight, contact our Guest Relations team at (405) 602-3760 or email

Scout Science Overnights

Explore the great indoors! At Science Museum Oklahoma’s Scout Science Overnights you’ll get a camping experience unlike any other, and some extra scouting skills to boot! Scouts will experience a live science demonstration, engage in special hands-on activities, see a star show in the Kirkpatrick Planetarium and camp out among the exhibits.

Science Museum Oklahoma's Scout Overnights are exclusively for Scouts and their families and are a great way for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts of all levels to attend badge classes.

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