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Science Museum Oklahoma smART Space: Beautiful Minds
Science Museum Oklahoma smART Space: Beautiful Minds

smART Space

smART Space

An unforgettable art experience at Science Museum Oklahoma!

Art and science each provide a way for exploring and deepening our understanding of the world around us. Innovative and creative, artists and scientists have inspired each other for millennia. Explore that interaction through smART Space!

smART Space is located on the museum's second floor and overlooks the atrium. The gallery is committed to bringing Oklahomans a combination of art and science that isn't found anywhere else. Take an extra look — you never know what you might find.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Mind Mirrors: Empathy in Art and Neuroscience

This exhibition, titled Mind Mirrors: Empathy in Art and Neuroscience, explores how empathy combined with the power of art sparks curiosity and a desire for people to engage their individual and shared experiences.

Within this exhibit, learn how to appreciate art and artists through empathy and explore your mirror neurons. Also, learn about neuroplasticity and how our brains can continue to build and strengthen neural networks to heal and further develop for a more creative and empathetic future.

Screens by Geoffrey Hicks

With Screens, Geoffrey Hicks explores the convergence of digital technology and traditional art-making practices to connect with audiences and foster interaction. This exhibit, created for Science Museum Oklahoma, utilizes depth-sensing cameras, projectors, video monitors, and Hicks’ own software as his artistic medium. Unlike a painting that hangs on a wall even if the viewer is not there to see it, Hicks’ artwork requires and includes the viewer. The viewer becomes both artist and subject.

Select programming is made possible in part by the Oklahoma Arts Council, which receives support from the State of Oklahoma and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Elemental Worlds at Science Museum Oklahoma

Elemental Worlds

Step inside Elemental Worlds to explore your creative side! In this multimedia interactive art installation you'll use digital drawing tools to decorate and color one of 12 animals that will come to life in the 220-degree simulated digital forest — escape into creativity and relax with binaural frequencies, dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, and the sounds of nature. The world resets every 15 minutes, but you can jump in at any time.

 smART Space is an art gallery that focuses on the wonder that occurs when the fields of art and science collide.

 The mission of the gallery is to help make science more accessible to everyone through science-related visual arts exhibitions.

 The intrinsic relationship between art and science can expand upon what we know, and can act as a medium for exploring and forming new information and ideas.