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Garden Education

There's always something "Growing On" in the Gardens! Gardening 101 is back and we're introducing a brand-new program for kids - The "Nature" of Discovery!


February 1: The "Nature" of Discovery - Chromatorgraphy Flowers
Explore the vascular system of plants with a colorful project that utilizes the same chemical properties which plants use to drink.

February 18: Gardening 101 - Soils
Explore soil under a microscope and make a picture of a "soil creature" using soil, rubber cement and stencils. 

Gardening 101

Welcome to Gardening 101, a series created to educate people wanting to begin a garden and to reveal new information to those already gardening! Join us each month as we explore different parts of plants, how they grow, and how insects and animals interact with them. Every topic will be accompanied with a hands-on activity and a take home component!

Upcoming Dates & Topics

Feb. 18 - Soils
March 4 - Seeds
March 18 - Roots
April 1 - Stems
April 15 - Leaves
April 29 - Flowers
May 13 - Fruits

Gardens at Science Museum Oklahoma

The "Nature" of Discovery

Join us on the first Wednesday of each month between 11:00am-1:00pm for a come-and-go exploration session. We will investigate real nature materials from the SMO Gardens while discovering what is “growing on” this season! This series is designed with grade school age learners in mind and can serve as an excellent complement to homeschool curriculum. For specific information regarding upcoming sessions, please email

Upcoming Days and Subjects:

Feb. 1 - Chromatography Flowers
March 1 - Bulbs, Tubers & Rhizomes
April 5 - But first, Flowers! 
May 3 - Spring is for the Birds!
June 7 - Pollinator Watch