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Science Museum Oklahoma smART Space: Beautiful Minds
Science Museum Oklahoma smART Space: Beautiful Minds

smART Space Galleries

smART Space

An unforgettable art experience at Science Museum Oklahoma!

smART Space is an art gallery that focuses on the wonder that occurs when the fields of art and science collide.  The mission of the gallery is to help make science more accessible to everyone through science-related visual arts exhibitions. The intrinsic relationship between art and science can expand upon what we know, and can act as a medium for exploring and forming new information and ideas.

With two distinct galleries, smART Space presents custom curated exhibitions created exclusively by our staff for Science Museum Oklahoma. See something familiar? Local and nationally reknowned artists are featured in the galleries and our shows have received national recognition from USA Today and other publications. You might also see our exhibitions touring at your home museum.

smART Space is located on the museum's second floor and overlooks the atrium. The gallery is committed to bringing Oklahomans a combination of art and science that isn't found anywhere else. 

Current Exhibitions

Crossing The Rubicon Lanzarote





Currents: Turning the Tide on Ocean Conservation is a love letter to the ocean, honoring its importance and illustrated by the eloquence and action of artists. Just as tides, winds and the rotation of the earth influence the path of ocean currents, people’s individual actions can impact the challenges presently facing the world’s oceans.


ARTWORK: Jason deCaires Taylor

Frameless: NFTs in Contemporary Art

"Frameless" explores the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - digital assets with unique identifiers attached that cannot be copied, substituted or replaced. NFTs in contemporary art expand beyond our current understanding and expectations of art. Art is no longer limited by the size of canvas, block of marble, or physical experience. With the evolution of NFTs, digital artists can now certify their digital creations as one-of-a-kind assets that can be bought, sold, and traded with verifiable provenance just like traditional artwork.

Artwork by POST WOOK.

Elemental Worlds at Science Museum Oklahoma

Elemental Worlds

Step inside Elemental Worlds to explore your creative side! In this multimedia interactive art installation you'll use digital drawing tools to decorate and color one of 12 animals that will come to life in the 220-degree simulated digital forest — escape into creativity and relax with binaural frequencies, dynamic lighting, atmospheric effects, and the sounds of nature. The world resets every 15 minutes, but you can jump in at any time.