Traveling Exhibits

Senses at Play

Senses at Play is an exciting, sensory-friendly environment where children of all ages and abilities can engage in multi-sensory play at their own level and pace. Guests are encouraged to explore their core senses by manipulating light, sound, texture and color, either through solo play or cooperative discovery. The exhibit also features a calming room where visitors with sensory processing issues can find a supportive environment to de-stress and cope with their emotions and reactions to certain stimuli. Senses at Play is at Museum of the Great Plains.

Building Buddies at Science Museum Oklahoma

Building Buddies

Building Buddies is an interactive village that invites young children to play and explore while helping their buddies improve the neighborhood. The different characters, or buddies, need help fixing up their houses. This creative construction site features hands-on stations that encourage children to construct, build, decorate, paint, tile and more! Building Buddies is currently at Leonardo's Children Museum.

Kid Inventor at Science Museum Oklahoma

Kid Inventor 2.0

Kid Inventor provides visitors with the tools and inspiration to create their own invention! This exhibit features a LEGO car raceway, a game programming studio, and a design-it-yourself building area with hardware and wood materials. Each element of the exhibit reinforces STEM concepts and encourages designing, building, testing, and improving upon one’s creation. Kid Inventor 2.0 is currently at Jasmin Moran Children's Museum.