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Learn This: Lateral Lines


Lateral Lines

Since we’re all practicing our social distancing skills, Isaac who takes care of our Oceanarium thought now would be a good time to take a lesson from the pros: fish!

Blue Hippo Tang

Have you ever noticed how fish manage not to touch each other when schooling? They’re able to do this because of a special sensory organ called the lateral line.

The lateral line is used by aquatic vertebrates to detect movement, vibration, and pressure gradients in surrounding water. The lateral line runs the length of their body, usually from their gill cover to the base of their tail. These lines can often be seen as little pores running down each side of the fish.

Let's all channel our inner-fish and make social distancing a natural reflex.

Can you find the lateral lines on our fish Spok, a Klein’s Butterflyfish, and Dory (no relation), a Blue Hippo Tang?