Image of seed starters for Gardening 101 at Science Museum Oklahoma

What's Growing On: Gardening 101


What's Growing On: Gardening 101

Check out a special live presentation of Gardening 101! This 7-part series leading up to Earth Day was interrupted by our temporary closure, so we're bringing it all to you online.

Soil and Composting: Get the dirt on the minerals in top soil, how to improve a garden’s soil and find out what plants need to grow.

Roots: Uncover the different types of roots, how to establish a healthy root system and find out which plants have the deepest roots.

Seeds: Dig up information about the different types of seeds, how seeds develop and how to start seeds of all kinds at home.


Stems: Not STEM, stems! Learn about different stems and surprising stems like potatoes as well as the purpose and parts of stems.


Leaves: Learn about the importance of leaves, their parts and purpose, and what leaves have to do with water intake.


Flowers: There's more to flowers than their good looks — explore the four parts of a flower, what they do, and the importance of flowers.


Fruit: All flowers make fruit — learn all about fruits that float, fly and taste great.