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Space day

Space Days

What a Blast!

May  6 - 7, 2022


We celebrated two full days of flight, robotics and space exploration! This action-packed celebration is all about the science of space with special hands-on activities and live demonstrations, plus the museum's permanent exhibits with NASA artifacts, interactive simulators and more. This year we doubled the fun and extended "Space Day" to a full two days! This allowed thousands of school children as well as families enjoy all the activities we had to offer.

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Space Day was made possible by Allied Arts.


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Space Day Activities

  • Oklahoma City Astronomy Club: Club members will allow guests to look through some of their telescopes, including a solar scope to safely view the sun. 

  • Team OKC Robotics: This community-based high school team will host demonstrations of their robot after their recent trip to the FIRST Robotics championship. Note: This will only be available Saturday.

  • Payload Rocket Challenge: If you have ever wondered how space telescopes get to space, the answer is payload rockets. Challenge yourself by building a balloon rocket that can carry extra weight via paper clips.

  • Filtered Light Creations: Photos of deep space are taken from telescopes using a variety of different filters. For this activity, you will create a drawing or writing using specific markers, then look at that drawing through two different filters.

  • Infrared Camera Test: The new James Webb Space Telescope will primarily be using infrared to see heat sources further out than we have ever seen before! You will get a chance to test out our infrared camera and experiment to see what it can detect heat through.

  • Heat Shield Experiment: Space Telescopes have to keep their instruments and sensors at specific temperatures in order to function properly. Because of this, many have heat shields. We will be measuring how much heat can be blocked using a heat lamp and a variety of materials.

  • Nebula Spin Art: Nebulas, which are sometimes called star nurseries, are clouds of dust and gas where stars are formed. To create our own versions, visitors will make and take home their own abstract nebula art using a spinner and paint.

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