So you have a microwave, an empty bag of chips, and some time ... what are you going to do?

Many of us are trying to live more sustainably, but these days you may be even more likely than before to be handed a plastic disposable cup! Instead of putting it in the recycling bin after you enjoy the refreshment, check to see what recycling number it is - you might be able to shrink it into art!

May the fourth be with you! Make some portion bread and explore kitchen science with this recipe from a galaxy far, far away.

Make some slime that's out of this world!

Simulate the way rocks can be studied chemically to find out what they are made of when you make fizzing “moon” rocks!

A rocket with serious launching power fueled by nothing more than water and dish soap? Yep, that'll work!

Environmentally-friendly, eco-conscious, cost-effective, and science? DIY detergent has it all. DIY laundry detergent is simple to make and can be easily modified to fit your personal needs and preferences.

Combine art and science with water marbling!

Looking for an egg-cellent way to explore osmosis and acid-base chemical reactions? This is a fun kitchen activity that takes time, not thyme, and a couple of things you can probably find at home.

Disruption can be beautiful! Magic Milk shows us how molecules that we can’t normally see are hard at work and makes some beautiful but temporary artwork at the same time. 

Did you catch our ocean motion in a bottle #SMOatHome this week? With one addition you can use the same supplies to make a lava-less (but still groovy) chemical reaction! Let’s get started.