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science camp at science museum oklahoma
science camp at science museum oklahoma

Summer Camps

Summer 2024 Camp Registration is now open!

We have an exciting summer planned!

Each week has a different theme so your child will have something new to discover all summer. 
See dates and camp descriptions below.

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We're committed to providing engaging, enriching experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, we've dedicated substantial resources to making summer camp at SMO is safe for your children and for our museum educators. We'd be happy to discuss our safety precautions and address any of your concerns. Feel free to call our Guest  Relations team at (405)602-3760.

Parents/Guardians: Upon registering for camp, you will receive a confirmation email with a personalized link to fill out your parent packet and waiver. These forms must be filled out before arrival at camp. If you need help or did not receive your email with the personalized link, please call our reservations line at (405)602-3760.

Early Explorers must be at least four years old and Innovaters cannot be older than 12 years of age.




Hours and Tuition

Camps for Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten- min. age four years old) are from 9 a.m. to noon.

Non-member Price: $150

Member Price: $125


Camps for Explorers (Grades 1-3) and Innovators (Grades 4-6) are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (except Tinkering and Engineering Camp)

Non-member Price: $275

Member Price: $250



Snacks and Lunch

Early Explorers should bring a labeled and nut-free snack for each day of camp.

Explorers and Innovators should bring a labeled and nut-free lunch and snack for each day of camp.

Available Space and Registration

Camps are limited to 16 children for Early Explorers (pre-K and kindergarten - min. age four years old) and 16 children for Explorers and Innovators (grades 1-6 - max. age 12 years old).

Camps are marked "Limited Space Available" when less than five spaces remain and as "Sold Out" when full. If your preferred camp is sold out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 to be placed on our waiting list.

Registration closes the Monday before each camp or when full. Camp registration is updated frequently, however if you are concerned your preferred camp may sell out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 for the most up-to-date availability. 

Refund Policy:
Refunds are given in the event that a class or camp is cancelled. For voluntary cancellations made no later than five business days prior to the start of camp a $25 processing fee will be deducted from your refund.

Voluntary cancellations made after camp has started will not receive a refund.

June 3-7

Early Explorers

Super Scientist- SOLD OUT

Zap! Boom! KaPow! It’s time to use our super powers for good with some super science! Together we’ll discover what make superpowers so super. . . Who knows, maybe you’ll gain special powers in our spectacular laboratory. Become your own superhero scientist!


If You Build It - SOLD OUT

Possibilities surround us. With a little ingenuity, a lot of innovation, and whatever is laying around, we can build about anything. Doodle bots, plastic fusion, and even amazing shrinking plastic. Check out a 3-D printer, use some power tools, and get a little messy! Awesome ideas will be coming to life!


The Action in Reactions- SOLD OUT

We’re mixing it up in this chemically cool and chaotic camp. Test the polymer chains in slime formulas, analyze the almost instantaneous chemical reactions test and observe the colors elements can create, and things will surely (and safely) end with a bang.

June 10-14

Early Explorers

Dream Big, Do Good- SOLD OUT

What do you want to be when you grow up? An astronaut and rock star? Our littlest campers have big dreams and they can be anything! This week we will explore what it takes to become a pro. Let’s venture into the worlds of vets, firefighters, scientists, and more!


Friendomology- SOLD OUT

What’s bugging you? I think we have the ant-ser. We are pollen in love with all kinds of super fly bug pals. Join us as we add some cool to caterpillars and take the scares out of spiders. Creep on over to the buzz-ar world of insects and their interactions with the world around them. It’s will be un-bee-leivable.


Real Science, Real History: Industrial Revolution - LIMITED

The Industrial Revolution brought incredibly cool transformations in the world. From steam engines to the spinning jenny, come back in time with us to see what science and engineering were like in the past. Explore a massive transition to using machinery for mass production. Discover how advances in technology has changed working conditions from the power loom to now. Can you cut it on the assembly line?   

June 17-21

Early Explorers

Camp Camp- SOLD OUT

Oh, the thrill of camping! The chirping birds, the beautiful plant life, the grizzly bear digging through you knapsack, wait…no bears, please. Welcome to Camp Camp! We’ll enjoy morning story time around our indoor campsite, go on a mini-hike through our Gardens, and search the night sky for stars that will guide your way. (Science Museum Oklahoma, bear free since 2001).


Robo Call - SOLD OUT

Hello, we’ve been trying to reach you regarding your interest in all things robotics. From the huge rovers that are launched into space to surgical micro-robotics launched into human bodies, we will take a look at it all.  Examine and experiment with the mechanics, materials, programming and design of this powerful, future forward area of engineering.


Let the Beat Drop- LIMITED

That speaker thumping, fist pumping, electrified music. You can hear it, you can even feel it. But, how does it work? Soundwaves, microphones, headphones, amplifiers, teeth rattling base. Together, we’ll discover what makes it all harmonize together. Can science explain why you love your favorite song so much? Possibly, can we make a LOT of noise trying? Absolutely.  

June 24-28

Early Explorers

Harmonious Masterpiece - SOLD OUT

There are so many ways to make music and art. Whether you find it beautiful is up to you. Let’s discover your creative potential through music, art & of course, science. We’ll attempt the unconventional by making our own instruments and painting with berries! We are going to think outside the box with every masterpiece made.


How to Build a Museum- SOLD OUT

There are few better places to spend a hot summer day than at a museum. But what goes into those awesome exhibits and interactive spaces? Do you think you could make them better? Let’s break it down to blue prints and create our very own ideal museum. Craft model sized demos of your ideas with real tools to become a museum professional.



Let the games begin – again! Back by overwhelming demand we present the Science of Gaming! Explore the science of games played in all sorts of ways from video games to card games and live action role play. Get in the game as we detect the science in gaming and game creation. Gaming can be an exciting challenge, but to get started you must know the rules.

July 8-12

Early Explorers

Awe Inspiring Animals- SOLD OUT

From scales and gills to feathers and fur, we will investigate some amazing creatures and find out what makes them unique. What are the difference between mammals, insects, and birds? Are there animals we haven’t even heard of yet? Let’s dig into the zoology of some of the most awe inspiring animals!


Unraveled- SOLD OUT

What goes into natural and synthetic cloth materials that create all the fabric items we wear and are pretty much everywhere. From pillows, to car seats, jeans, even parachutes. They all use some kind of textile. Let’s take a microscopic look into fibers and try our hands at some sewing, weaving, & deconstructing stuffies to create something new.


Starch-itechture - LIMITED

Polymeric carbohydrates, glucose units, glycosidic bonds? What?  That’s starch. That’s potatoes, beans, breads, pasta. The pastabilities are endless in this totally weird foodie camp. We can make glue, slime, build statues, and totally play with our insoluble foods in the name of science! 

July 15-19

Early Explorers

Anything is Popsicle- SOLD OUT

It’s hot out! Come chill with us on a hot summer day and discover what freezing points mean for some of our favorite summer treats. How cold will it be, how long does it take? Can we speed things up with science? Let’s cool off with a spectacularly icy treat of your own creation and explore chilly science along the way.  



It’s what’s on the inside that counts! We will examine the chemistry, structure, and engineering of the body and analyze the networks of nerves, fibers, and bones. Delve into the impact that people have on our surroundings and investigate the impact the world has on us.


The Color Code - SOLD OUT

Humans can register about 100 different color shades, amounting to around one million different color combinations. But there’s WAY more to color than meets the eye. It’s more like perception of energy and wavelengths. Let’s take a look at how we perceive color and experiment with what you can see or what you just think you see. From RBG to CMYK, lighting up gases, to exploring auroras. Let’s get some serious hang time with our good buddy ROY G. BIV.

July 22-26

Early Explorers

Vehi-Cool- SOLD OUT

How do we transport people across land, air, water, and even space? Forces will be at work this week as we uncover what makes the good stuff GO! We’ll keep things moving this week and get going with physics & engineering!


Bio-Art - SOLD OUT

Art and science so often go hand in hand. In this extra colorful camp, we will explore how to make your own paint, create photographic works of genius with microscopic cameras, and see if bacteria can be beautiful. This camp is where art, science, creation, and discovery meet. 


The Machines vs. Robots Rumble-SOLD OUT

Are you team simple machines or team robot? Who would win in this epic showdown? Let’s tinker, code, program, and engineer with the science of robotics and machinery. With a little ingenuity, a lot of innovation, a bit of technology we can attempt to create our own robo-machine masterpieces. We’ll, of course, end with a massive rumble of the robots to see who will come out on top.

July 29 - Aug 2

Early Explorers

Astronaut Training - SOLD OUT

The sky is not the limit for our astronauts-in-training! Join us for an adventure that’s sure to peak any young space enthusiast’s interest. We will craft our own galactic gear as we seek answers about the cosmic universe. You are cleared for liftoff. Do you have the right stuff?


Your Mission- SOLD OUT

3,2,1….blast off. Although being an astronaut would be the coolest thing, there are so many people and jobs involved way before the launch happens. Let’s create a space mission from early planning phase all the way to launch to discover truly what it takes and how many hands are needed to get our astronauts safely to space and back home again. 


NASA from the Beginning- SOLD OUT

66 years ago, on July 29th, 1958, the National Aeronautics & Space Act was signed into law creating NASA. Since then, space travel & tech has advanced to unbelievable lengths. Let’s examine how NASA has learned from some of their less successful missions to create the amazing technology we have today. Find out how you can make the future of space travel even brighter by celebrating the creation of NASA.  

For more information, please email or call Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760.