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science camp at science museum oklahoma
science camp at science museum oklahoma

Summer Camps

Summer 2023 Camp Registration is NOW OPEN!
All Explorers (1st-3rd Grade) camps are SOLD OUT!

We have an exciting summer planned!

Each week has a different theme so your child will have something new to discover all summer. 


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We're committed to providing engaging, enriching experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, we've dedicated substantial resources to making summer camp at SMO is safe for your children and for our museum educators. We'd be happy to discuss our safety precautions and address any of your concerns. Feel free to call our Guest  Relations team at (405)602-3760.

Parents/Guardians: Upon registering for camp, you will receive a confirmation email with a personalized link to fill out your parent packet and waiver. These forms must be filled out before arrival at camp. If you need help or did not receive your email with the personalized link, please call our reservations line at (405)602-3760.

Early Explorers must be at least four years old and Innovaters cannot be older than 12 years of age.




Hours and Tuition

Camps for Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten- min. age four years old) are from 9 a.m. to noon.

Non-member Price: $150

Member Price: $125

4-Day Camps feature reduced pricing.


Camps for Explorers (Grades 1-3) and Innovators (Grades 4-6) are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (except Tinkering and Engineering Camp)

Non-member Price: $275

Member Price: $250

4-Day Camps feature reduced pricing.


Snacks and Lunch

Early Explorers should bring a snack for each day of camp.

Explorers and Innovators should bring a lunch and a snack for each day of camp.

Available Space and Registration

Camps are limited to 16 children for Early Explorers (pre-K and kindergarten - min. age four years old) and 16 children for Explorers and Innovators (grades 1-6 - max. age 12 years old).

Camps are marked "Limited Space Available" when less than five spaces remain and as "Sold Out" when full. If your preferred camp is sold out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 to be placed on our waiting list.

Registration closes the Monday before each camp or when full. Camp registration is updated frequently, however if you are concerned your preferred camp may sell out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 for the most up-to-date availability.

May 30- June 2*

Early Explorers

Down on the Farm - SOLD OUT

Oink, Quack, Moo! Howdy partner, come on down those old dirt roads. Let’s explore the amazing and sometimes smelly science behind farm animals and agriculture. Where does the food we eat come from exactly? It comes from good old fashioned country fried science and we will learn all about it.

Since this is a 4-day camp, pricing is reduced.

Non-Member Pricing: $120

Member Pricing: $95


Science SMOrgasbord - SOLD OUT

We all know and love science, but do you ever stop and wonder, “what even is science?” or “what if. . ?” We’ve packed this week full of fantastic astronomy, botany, chemistry, all the way to zoology! We’ll of course be exploring the moving world of physics, too.

Since this is a 4-day camp, pricing is reduced.

Non-Member Pricing: $220

Member Pricing: $195


The Science of Crime - SOLD OUT

Dun dun duuunnnn! We’ve had a crime occur at Science Museum Oklahoma! Experience hands-on forensic science activities in this suspense filled camp. Collect and analyze evidence such as finger printing, plaster casting, blood typing, and more. By working as a team, can you solve a crime?

Since this is a 4-day camp, pricing is reduced.

Non-Member Pricing: $220

Member Pricing: $195

June 5-9


Garden Magic

Summer is here, and we’re so excited to celebrate the great outdoors. Explore the science of our magical earth with help from our horticulture experts.  Create a gnome home and use each of your senses to experience all the outdoors has to offer.  We will cultivate some amazing knowledge of what you can discover all around you.


Botany Mystery - SOLD OUT

Unearth the mysteries hidden in the SMO gardens and become a SMO Gardens sleuth. Discover the secrets behind plants that can hurt and plants that can heal. Compete in an irrigation challenge and build you own miniature garden to take home. Together, we will solve a secret botanical mystery.

Innovators - SOLD OUT


The world is a big place that still needs exploring. Why not start in your own backyard? Let’s take a look at the good, strange, and ugly bugs of Oklahoma, create wind turbines, design a better bird house, examine the effects of light and shadows and their roles in our beautiful sunsets, and excavate geological wonders that are unique to our locale.

June 12-16

Early Explorers

Dirt, Diggin' and Dinos - SOLD OUT

Archeology camp means it’s time to get your hands dirty. Let’s grab some shovels, buckets, and sifters to see what we can find just under earth’s surface. Cool rocks? Yep. Examining fossils under microscopes? Yep. Following the evidence to track a dino? Absolutely.


The Creeps - SOLD OUT

Finally! It’s time for the gross stuff! This week is all about the “ewwww”! Does something taste weird? Your betcha! Can we make it taste weirder? Probably. Make edible snot. Examine spiders and worms- and other things with their skeleton on the outside or organisms with no skeleton at all. What would we look like if we had no bones? How come that sandwich has green polka dots? Can you design a more aerodynamic slice of bologna?! It’s gross, it’s science, it’s odd, and it’s awfully awesome! 



Let the games begin – again! Back by overwhelming demand we present the Science of Gaming! Explore the science of games played in all sorts of ways from video games to card games and live action role play. Get in the game as we detect the science in gaming and game creation. Gaming can be an exciting challenge, but to get started you must know the rules.

June 19-23


Around the World

Do you love to explore? Do you love learning about the world around you? Then hop on our enchanted teleporter of adventure as we discover all the hidden secrets that have mystified kindergarteners since the dawn of time. With very special stories each day we’ll be transported to find science all over the globe.


Absolutely Prehistoric - SOLD OUT

Are you ready to go way, way back? This epic journey will seek out the animals that lived before the dinosaurs during the age of dinosaurs and even those survivors that still surround us today. Create your own fossils, dig for bones, even extract and observe real DNA. Investigate how these gigantic and not-so-gigantic creatures lived, how they changed, and what that means to us today.

Innovators - SOLD OUT

The Big Boom

Things that pop, things that fizz, even things that go boom! We’re mixing it up in this chemically cool and chaotic camp. Test the polymer chains in the secret Science Museum Oklahoma’s slime formulas, analyze the almost instantaneous chemical reaction of rust, test and observe the colors elements can create, and things will surely (and safely) end with a bang.

June 26-30

Early Explorers

Fizz and Bubble - SOLD OUT

Time to put on your lab coats! This camp is all about the smelly stuff, the slimy stuff, and the just plain weird stuff. It’s time to investigate, concoct, and digest with chemistry. Let’s explore acids and bases, and other things that are chemically cool . . . and hot!


Rice, Rice Baby - SOLD OUT

It’s very rice to meet you! Pilaf that jacket and put on a lab coat.  We love to discover the science in the tiniest of places. Let’s look at how big things can come in small packages. This is one of the wildest camps we’ve ever cooked up. We have some serious science to discover even if it ends up a little grainy. Become a solution seeker when problems a-rice.


Robo Call - SOLD OUT

Hello, we’ve been trying to reach you regarding your interest in all things robotics. From the huge rovers that are launched into space to surgical micro-robotics launched into human bodies, we will take a look at it all.  Examine and experiment with the mechanics, materials, programming and design of this powerful, future forward area of engineering.

July 10 -14

Early Explorers - SOLD OUT

Arg, Matey!

Ahoy there, me hearties! Batten down the hatches and everyone on deck. We’re going to be pillaging the museum for gold and treasures. The treasures of pirate and ocean science, that is. Let’s traverse across the sea in search of the why ships float and how they move, marine life, reading maps, and the importance of lemons to a pirate- the secret is Vitamin SEA. This is sure to shiver your timbers. 


It's All Greek to Me - SOLD OUT

Physics, mathematics, incredible feats of ancient architecture and engineering. With Pythagoras, Aristotle, Archimedes, and more, came many new advances in the world that we still use today, like the gear, the screw, and steam engines just to name a few. Let’s travel back in time to explore ancient Greece and all the wonder it holds.


Super Epic Movie Trailer - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

The music swells as the hero jumps their car off the canyon, landing effortlessly in the hanger of a plane. Once again the day is saved – fade to black, roll the credits. Have you ever wondered how blockbuster movies look so real? Let’s investigate the science behind their feats. Examine movie magic explosions and check out the art of stunts.   This camp is sure to be a smash-hit!

July 17-21

Early Explorers

The Super 5

What can you see? What can you feel? What do you hear? What do you smell? Experience your 5 senses in super new and exciting ways! Let’s examine our heads, shoulders, knees, and toes! Using colors, textures, sounds and more, become a Super Senses Scientist! We hope you have a taste for science!


Bubbling Over - SOLD OUT

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! Let’s get our curiosity poppin’. We’ll use chemistry and physics to identify the gases and solutions that create the perfect bubbles. Geometric bubbles, epically large bubbles, bubbles that refuse to pop! Join us for some effervescent, bubbly fun and experience the power behind these tiny, shiny wonders.


Adventure Club - SOLD OUT

Survival can be challenging. We will get hands on experience about how to endure in the wilds of different environments. We will explore and apply practical skills like shelter building, filling a bug-out bag, and how to repurpose everyday items needed for survival. Whether it’s zombies swarming or disasters more natural in origin, we will prepare for the dangers ahead.

July 24-28

Early Explorers


What’s better than opening that perfect birthday gift? Not letting the box it came in go to waste, of course! We can create the most amazing things with the simplest materials. From castles and dragons to musical instruments or even a speedboat and a whole ocean of creatures. All you need is a good idea, a lot of imagination, and a whole lot of boxes to build a fantastic world of your own.


Make it or Break it - SOLD OUT

With a little ingenuity, a lot of innovation, a bit of technology, and a dash of whatever is laying around, we can build about anything. Motorized vehicles?  Yes! Programmable whatchamicallits? Totally! The hottest wearable fashions made from the unlikeliest of materials? Why Not! Real tools. Real engineering. Real fun.



Ever had FO(a)MO? Don’t fear and don’t miss out on this camp. There are a ton of different kinds of foam. Some foam can be powerful, it can lift houses, it can keep you warm, it can even cushion objects falling from a great height, and some foam types can definitely splatter across a room in an epic way. We will explore and create everything foam. Discover the super-expanding chemistry behind it all. Yes, it’s foam-galore!  All the foam, all the bubbles, all the mess.

July 31- Aug. 4

Early Explorers

To the Moon - SOLD OUT

How much do you love outer space? To the moon and back?! Let’s try our hands at dishing up some astronaut food, soar through our solar system, propel rockets to the sky, and visit the planetarium for a special show! Let’s meet the friendly night sky!


Star Search - SOLD OUT

All over the world, humans seek out the most famous self-luminous celestial bodies of gas…the STARS! Featuring special guests such as Rigel, Sirius, Vega and many more! Traverse the universe through special planetarium experiences. Spot constellations with expert precision. Walk the Milky Way red carpet with us and check out all the secrets of real stars and what make them shine. 


Giants and Microbes - SOLD OUT

We cannot yet truly imagine the vastness of our universe. It seems with each new day space exploration brings a new discovery. From ice giants Neptune and Uranus to the fungi and micro-organisms growing inside the International Space Station, we will explore the enormity and the minutiae of the cosmos.

Parents/Guardians: Upon registering for camp, you will receive a confirmation email with a personalized link to fill out your parent packet and waiver. These forms must be filled out before arrival at camp. If you need help or did not receive your email with the personalized link, please call our reservations line at (405)602-3760.

^Early Explorers must be at least four years old and Innovaters cannot be older than 12 years of age.

*4-Day Camp with Reduced Pricing

For more information, please email or call Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760.