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science camp at science museum oklahoma
science camp at science museum oklahoma

Summer Camps

Summer 2021 Camps are Sold Out! 

Keep an eye out for information on Fall Break Camps.

We're committed to providing engaging, enriching experiences in a safe environment. Therefore, we've dedicated substantial resources to making summer camp at SMO is safe for your children and for our museum educators. We'd be happy to discuss our safety precautions and address any of your concerns. Feel free to call our Guest  Relations team at (405)602-3760.



Hours and Tuition

Camps for Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten) are from 9 a.m. to noon and are $100 per camper, per week for members and $125 for nonmembers.

Camps for Explorers (Grades 1-3) and Innovators (Grades 4-6) are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and are $225 per camper, per week for members and $250 for nonmembers.

Snacks and Lunch

Early Explorers should bring a snack for each day of camp.

Explorers and Innovators should bring to bring a lunch and a snack for each day of camp.

In light of COVID-19, we ask that food items be in packaging your child can easily open without assistance so that camp staff don't need to touch your child's food.

Available Space and Registration

Camps are limited to 15 children for Early Explorers (pre-K and kindergarten) and 15 children for Explorers and Innovators (grades 1-6).

Camps are marked "Limited Space Available" when less than five spaces remain and as "Sold Out" when full. If your preferred camp is sold out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 to be placed on our waiting list.

Registration closes the Monday before each camp or when full. Camp registration is updated frequently, however if you are concerned your preferred camp may sell out, please contact Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760 for the most up to date availability

Summer Camps and COVID-19

Classroom Spaces

Explorers and Innovators

We completed the construction of two brand new secure classroom spaces just before we temporarily closed - these new spaces allow each of our campers to have their very own table with ample room for social distancing!

Early Explorers

Our youngest campers will use our large camp room in a secure office area. We've also reduced class sizes for Early Explorer camps in order to give everyone a little extra space.

Changes to Camp Experiences

If your child has been to a SMO camp, you'll notice some changes - some noticeable, some less noticeable:

  • We'll spend more time in our individual camp groups and less time in multiple camp groups.
  • Individual supplies will replace shared supplies.
  • More time will be spent in the SMO Gardens and outdoor areas as activities and weather allows.
Health, Safety & Masks

We know that these health & safety measures change the initial perception of the summer camp experience, but our priority will always be your camper’s well-being, your health, the health of your family, and the health of the SMO team.

  • Masks: We ask that your camper wear a cloth or paper mask, and bring an additional mask each day. Your camper’s teacher will be wearing a cloth mask and/ or face shield during the camp day depending upon the activity and proximity to campers.
  • Temperatures: When you arrive at drop-off each morning, our safety and security team will check the temperature of each camper using a noninvasive forehead thermometer. If a camper registers a temperature above 100.4 degrees they will not be allowed into the museum. We ask that each camper’s family monitors temperature and well-being of the camper the week before camp. All SMO staff will also go through this process each morning.
  • Screening Questions: Please be prepared to answer a few questions each week prior to camp starting, such as  ‘Has your camper been experiencing any changes to their well-being consistent with COVID-19 symptoms?’ and ‘Within the last 14 days has anyone in your household experienced symptoms consistent with COVID-19?’
  • Positive Tests: If a camper or a SMO team member working with campers tests positive for COVID-19, you will be notified, and camps will be suspended for two weeks. 

July 5-9 Sold Out!

Operation: Exploration

Early Explorers – Explorers – Innovators

*Daily Enrollment Available*
This week is a break from camps but not from the fun! This isn't your average day at the museum. Your child will enjoy the exhibits and shows but this is their VIP ticket - we'll take them behind-the-scenes to see makes SMO tick! They'll meet the specialists, professionals and artists who create SMO's programs and exhibits. They'll also learn about the STEAM concepts behind our innovative programs and exhibits. With new experiences every day tailored to each age level, this is a custom-tailored day at the museum created just for your child! Sorry, this camp experience is only for children - no adults allowed!

Early Explorers, $25 a day non-members, $20 members

Explorers, $50 a day non-members, $45 members

Innovators, $50 a day non-members, $45 members

Week 7: Sold Out!


Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Yes, yes, yes we like to go to camp! Come join Mary Quite Contrary, Little Bo Peep, and the Muffin Man for nursery rhyme science. Letters, numbers, animal sounds and more!  You know all the words to “The Wheels on the Bus”, but can you make one roll? You know “Baby Shark” by heart, but do you know how a shark floats? We’ll visit the SMO Oceanarium and see if you can find a fish that might be named J.J. or Yoyo or even TomTom!

Sold Out!

Get Smart

Explorers (Grades 1-3)

Art and science so often go hand in hand. In this extra colorful camp, we will explore the ‘A’ in STEAM. Use Biology, Astronomy, Physics and more to create your science masterpieces. This camp is where art, science, creation and discovery meet. 

Sold out! 


Innovators (Grades 4-6)

This camp is looking kind of suspicious. Grab some crewmates as we bring this popular game to life. We’re learning all the skills we will need to complete tasks. Fix wiring, water plants and fuel the engines on our spaceship all while avoiding sabotage as we create a live-action role-play of Imposter.

Sold Out!

Week 8: Sold Out!

Freaky Frizzle

Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Seatbelts everyone! Join us for a magic adventure! What grows in a petri dish? Can soap make a cloud? Let’s find out all these super science questions together, with The Frizz, and even visit with a real Lizzy the lizard and other awesome animals! Just to make your week complete, you might get baked in to a pie!

Sold Out!

Wonderful Wonders

Explorers (Grades 1-3)

It’s tinkering time! Do you love taking things apart? Putting things together? That means you are a serious tinkerer! Together with trained professionals we will create wearable art, sculpt your own circuits, paint with light, build a massive slingshot and find all kinds of objects to build, design, & reimagine!

Sold Out!
Danger Zone: The Worst-Case Scenario

Innovators (Grades 4-6)

Be prepared. Don’t Panic. Have a plan. We are always told to be careful, but the best science involves a little bit of risk. Join us as we explore The Worst Case Scenario: An Ultimate Survival Experience exhibition and activities that helped to inspire the phrase “don’t try this at home!”
Sold Out!

Week 9: Sold Out!

Wizarding Science Prep School

Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Our wizarding school is ready to welcome our smallest but mightiest wizards to begin their official training. Visit with exciting beasts and hear story-time tales of charmed adventures. With our best professors, we’ll explore potions and spells to seek the science of this magical realm. 

Sold Out!

Fantastic Science of Magic

Explorers (Grades 1-3)

Have your wands at the ready – SMO’s wizarding school is ready for some incoming students! Cease to be a muggle and find your wizarding potential. Study the chemistry of potions, test programming skills in charms, where to find fantastic beasts and much more. If you do well in lessons, you might even win the House Cup!

Sold Out!

Wizarding World of Science

Innovators (Grades 4-6)

Term begins on July 26th for Wizarding School: SMO Chapter! Get sorted into your house, become an expert at muggle Quidditch and discover how magic is just science in disguise is! From wand-making to butterbeer, we’ll find the STEAM in the world of wizards. Dive into the physics of this magical realm, the chemistry of potions, and much more.


For more information, please email or call Guest Relations at (405) 602-3760.

Parents/Guardians: Download a SMO Camper Information Packet to complete before your child's first day of camp.

Camper Information Packet - Early Explorers (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Camper Information Packet - Explorers and Innovators (Grades 1-6)