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The Science of the Vaccine - Update for 2022

February 3, 2022

7:00 p.m.

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With the Omicron variant in the news, we know you may have a lot of questions! Tune in as our experts provide the latest information about the vaccines currently available for COVID-19 and help you make the best decisions for your family. Join News 9’s Amanda Taylor as our panel of experts responds to your comments and answers your questions.

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Our panelists:
Mr. Blaine Bolding 
Chief of Public Health Protection 
Oklahoma City County Health Department
Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Dale Bratzler, DO, MPH
Edith Kinney Gaylord Presidential Professor 
Enterprise Chief Quality Officer 
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Oklahoma City, OK
Ms. Pamela Lovelace, RN 
Employee Health, Infection Control, Vaccine Specialist 
The Physicians Hospital
Anadarko, OK 
Dr. John Rice, DO 
Family Medicine
Payne and Rice Clinic 
Checotah, OK


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Answers to the questions asked of the previous panels are in the following videos.

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Final Thoughts


Under the age of 5

What is to come?

Why boosters?

How protected are we against the variants?


Take Covid vaccine with other vaccines?

Should we monitor?

Immune System Response


Measure the success?

Side Effects?

Is natural immunity better?

Why take unnecessary risks?


Already had Covid-19?

How protected will they be?

Risk of MISC

Autoimmune Complications

Inoculated, Immunized or Vaccinated?

Vaccines available for kids

Will it alter my DNA?

How safe is it?

Is MRNA rushed?

How MRNA works

Johnson & Johnson, what makes it unique?

Johnson & Johnson, Why just one shot?

What is in the Vaccine?

Adverse reactions from Johnson & Johnson?

Are kids with egg and tree nut allergies safe?

Vaccines while pregnant

Why different reactions from the same vaccine?

Doses for the Elderly?

Immunity if Covid Positive?

Can vaccines reduce Covid-19 long haul side effects?

Variants b117 & b1351

Donating blood during a pandemic

Travel while vaccinated?

Do children need the vaccine?

Masked while vaccinated?

Rumors after Vaccine?

Vaccine and over the counter medicine?

Latest Variants? (4.31.21)

Get tested before travel?

Vaccine Availability

Breastfeeding while vaccinated

Kids activities and safety?

What is next?

A look into the future

How do I know if I'm immune after being vaccinated?

Can I get one dose of the Pfizer and one dose of the Moderna vaccine?

Is there anything I shouldn't do immediately after being vaccinated?

Can children be vaccinated for COVID-19?

How was the vaccine developed and how does it work?

Are masks and social distancing necessary after being vaccinated?

How was the vaccine developed so quickly?

How quickly do you develop immunity after being vaccinated?

Are there any side effects of the vaccine?

Are there any known fertility issues connected to the vaccine?

Once vaccinated, can you still give COVID-19 to someone else?

What if I don't get the second dose of the vaccine when scheduled?

Should I be concerned about long-term effects?

Will the vaccine prevent the new strains of COVID-19?

Will I need a COVID-19 shot every year like the flu shot?

Why does the vaccine take two doses?

Who shouldn't get the vaccine?

When do you think we'll see a drop in COVID-related hospitalizations?

What's the process of being vaccinated and what does it cost?

Should I get the vaccine if I've already had COVID-19?

Breastfeeding and those with compromised immune systems.